Monday, April 24, 2006

"Idhar ka maal udhar…."

“I don’t think we will be able to find the cycle madammm... but you shall definitely be compensated for the loss madammm.. A similar one madammm...give us 1 week madammm...Come in a week to check madammm!!!”

And thus the police Inspector succeeded in wiping away the woeful look on my room mate’s face when she visited Besantnagar police station to report the loss of her brand new Hercules….
Must say our "Bhartiya" police do know how to keep the "Aam Junta" happy! :)


  1. he he heee :) and to think of it, they do it with jewellery too!

    something's better than nothing aye!? :p

    can only imagine your roomie's plight!

  2. That is the logo

    With you, for you. Always

  3. I fail to understand the context here!!!

  4. hey ashit

    first and foremost thanks for visiting my blog...

    this piece was about howpolice here try to sweep matters under the carpet...and finally it was a "Random Thought"


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