Friday, April 21, 2006

A lesson in Humanity...

I saw her every morning. Wrinkled skin covered with what once could have been called a sari. A pair of torn slippers tried their best to save her feet from the scorching Chennai heat. One look at her would put the hunchback of Notre-Dame to shame.

She approached us everyday while we waited for our bus to arrive, perhaps hoping relentlessly that a day would dawn when we would be more compassionate towards her. We; the plush “IT” stratum of today’s Indian society.

Apathy was all that she got. Dolefully she would cross the road; with some amount of difficulty…I must shamefully add. This had now become a routine for her as much as for us.

Today was different from all other days though. She approached us as usual…we ignored. She stumbled trying to cross, only to be reached out to by a helping hand. She looked up, meeting the gaze of that one humanitarian who could see through her pain. He extended a hand hardened with labour; she took it gratefully as 6 curious pairs of eyes watched on. With a firm grip he helped her cross. She gratefully patted his hand… he squeezed it in return.

He fumbled with his torn pockets, turning them upside down hopeful to find that one piece of paper which could buy her a meal for the day. All that he seemed to have was a dirty torn handkerchief. Crestfallen, he walked away; dejected for being unable to help.

My shoulders slumped… with the knowledge that I could have….


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  2. It's quite touching anecdote... It has happened with me also; at times, when I wish somewhere in my heart to help person in front of me, but just somehow I distract myself into more 'urgent' things to deal with!!

  3. Hey Seeta,
    Really toching blog. Even i have encountered such situations... I always want to help but dont know how to apprach.


  4. Bhasker,
    Just make a move.
    Go out and reach them - don't wait and watch
    Seets, I wonder, why you did not go and help. Can ask, what stopped you from helping that poor woman who would dolefully walk everyday?

  5. hi "anonymous"...

    i did do it once...cant keep donating everyday can i..??

    btw that's a nice name..Anonymous :)


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