Sunday, November 12, 2006


Cortesy: DragonArtz Designs
I had to get to work on 53rd Street in NYC that Monday morning.

I set off at 7:00 AM to catch the PATH to NYC. (PATH is an underground train connecting the outskirts of New Jersey with the city yonder)

It was to be a 4 minute ride across the Hudson from my station. I boarded the train expecting to be in darkness for a whole 4 minutes. That was not to be.

As we approached the Big Apple I was hit by a ray of sunlight.
It startled me. I found it hard to understand why an underground train should be out in broad daylight. Towards my right, I could see the towering buildings that Manhattan is known for. I glanced to the left expecting more of them but all i could see was a Cross surrounded by empty space….

Just as realization dawned on me, the station announcement came through- “WTC. This will be the final stop”

My train had emerged ON ground zero…

“The WTC PATH station was housed beneath the twin towers. It took almost a year to clear the debris and rebuild the station to what it is today.
After 9/11 what is left at the spot is just the PATH station surrounded by empty space”


  1. What do u do? Abrupt question but being straight to the point. Apologies if it may offend but i'm keen on knowing ur expertise.

    I understand BA but in consulting whats ur forte!!!

    Appreciate to hear back from you and understand your niche.


  2. hi, the piece was small, but much more meaninful, leaves a lot to think abt...
    thr r places, thr r incidents,
    thr r moments n thr r thoughts,
    n thn thr r those who choose to make somethin out of it,
    change a moment to a thought to a to a vision, to a movement....
    kudos...apologies if it sounds vague...

  3. Incredible. I guess that was one of those moments that you can relive even years later...

  4. I too am a business consultant. Where do you work at? Reading through a few sections of the blog post ( on cooked up resumes) , I realize that I too have seen my fair share of "imposters", especially with the low-end contracting firms. I have also seen the same BS being fed by my American counterparts. Having come from India and an Indian myself, I feel awkward that we TOO have stooped so much

    The blog post in question is

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