Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Three Incidents…

I was performing my morning ritual of walking down canal bank road on my way to Madhya Kailash. It was one hell of a dirty walk today. The rain gods has showered their blessings on "drainage less" Madras the night before. .

Anyways getting back to my story, I was hopping and jumping down the road doing my best to avoid the slush and dirt which had made its way in overnight.

As I crossed the “Kasturba Nagar Vegetable Market” I came across a vegetable vendor dutifully cleaning his cart. Ah! Now wasn’t that a pleasant sight to see! How many of us get to see vegetable vendors with clean carts? But this Anna was doing exactly that. As I drew closer I noticed what he was actually doing.
He was cleaning the card and shoving all the plastics and polyethylene bags onto the already dirty road.
Perfect example of “I might love Madras but you keep it clean!”

I moved on taking the immediate left still ruminating about what I had just seen. Before I knew it I had reached the newly built Kasturba Nagar station. (This station serves as a shortcut to Madhya Kailash)
I entered the station only to be drenched by what seemed like a rain shower. I looked up to see thousands of water pellets on the station ceiling. The entire ceiling was wet. Did I mention that the station has just been built?

This wasn’t the end of it. Once out of the station I got into the bus and was on my way to Navalur via Tidel Park. Now the Tidel park- Thiruvanmiyur junction is victim to traffic jams every other day. Today seemed one of those. We were the first in queue waiting for the Traffic Policeman to give the green signal. Along with us the traffic proceeding towards Madhya Kailash from Thiruvanmiyur was also kept waiting. All except one stopped. A Lady, riding a scooty tried to shoot ahead of the traffic only to be pulled back by the policeman. What followed was a strong argument between the two. Seemingly educated either she had an eyesight problem and couldn’t see the red signal or she didn’t know what it meant.

Whatever it was, she and the vegetable vendor made me realize how tough it is to change Indian mentality.

An Eventful morning it was today...


  1. am interested in finding out who won the argument... i would place my bet on the lady :P

    reminds me of another incident where a lady 'dutifuly' followed an ambulance (cops opened up the traffic for the ambulance to pass) and she wasnt ready to stop when they asked her to - 4 of them bobbies... ready to run over each one of them!

  2. liked it, was simple and elegant

  3. I am wondering whether you had gone for a walk to look for a new blog post... :D



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