Saturday, April 05, 2008

And my pen refuses to budge…

Courtesy: (Anna Langova)

My stares turn into frowns and my eyes glisten with anger but it still doesn't oblige. I don’t seem to exist anymore…

Nothing I do seems to change its mind. It sits there all stiff and stubborn next to its partner crime- my unused writing pad…

The two have gather dust I see, an inch too thick to be called recent… not to mention the rusty layer which adorns the inky tip…

They seem raring to go but won’t move an inch…Why? - I ask myself over and again until it dawns…

They fail to recognize this workaholic who stares at them as if they were her own…

They eagerly await their owners return…


  1. quite relate to what u wrote! thing is ... im nt even having time to blog tht im too busy! ;)

  2. he he... good idea...and a beautiful irony...writer's block to writer's block's rescue :)

  3. @ag- trust me penning these 2-3 lines wasnt too easy..had to wait for a free saturday to do it ;) btw didnt we meet yesterday?

    @vinay- i just couldnt help it! this was the only thing that made me survive office!! :P

  4. nice one :) smooth flow of words... talking about a writers block and yet thoughts taking shape. hope it evolves into something :)

    seemed quite poetic actually...

  5. @wooster-**hope it evolves into something **

    amen to that :)

  6. dont I know all about this writer's block? hopefully the block will give way to a smooth flow of words very soon :-)

  7. yes we did ,... any doubts? ;-)

  8. nice one seets; guess everyone goes through it, urs wouldnt be a block per se, since u obviously havent lost the touch...more of just gettin the time....but yeah u surely did touch a few strings...way to go Princess!! Even ur block brings out cool stuff :)..

  9. I too have been through something similar ..dont be too hard on yourself ..its always a cycle ..thats life can never loose the intelligence and wisdom that you might chose not to express itself at a certain point in time ..btw you write well .. I like the line in your earlier psot write because it disciplines you true !!


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