Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Déjà vu?

Sunny beaches enveloped by clear skies, surrounded by sparkling blue waters with a spectacular sunrise heralding in the new day...

Dashes of raindrops and stray rainbows keeping me company as time lazes by and the palms sway along...
Tiny shops sprinkled around the beaches spring to life overwhelming me with their wares- dresses, beads, corals, pearls and shell jewelry...What does tear me away is the aromatic smell of fish, crabs and shrimps making me blindly walk towards the numerous shacks lacing the sands...

A lazy lunch followed by a brief siesta...
What more could one ask for i think...Just as the sun begins to melt the sky and the cruise takes off with locals filling the air with their folklore…

With nightfall come the stars weaving their presence onto the sky... and another day ends in the Hawaiian paradise….giving me the feeling of home away from home...

Making me miss Goa a little less than I usually do…


  1. a beautiful ode to that place! :) truly paradise on earth!

  2. "Making me miss Goa a little less than I usually do…"

    I thought you would write "Chennai" when I was reading the post :)

  3. Hey...where were you when you were writing this?

  4. @wooster- thanks if anyone can understand this thought better than me it will be you :)

    @Priya- NO WAY!!

    @Vipula- Maui-Hawai'i. We went there for our anniversary :) and yeah i should be writing more often. you will find a post if you scroll down on my writers block. it still exists :|

  5. beautifully written seetz....reading this was almost like being there...:)

  6. I like your new template...btw wanted to add your blog to my blogroll but am not sure this is public blog ( in a manner of speaking).lemme know

  7. @Vinay- glad you felt so. hope it got back some goan memories too :)

    @Vipula- T'is a public blog, do add it :)

  8. A very well expressed thought Seeta...I always feel like I am on a hiatus from my regular life here...You should force yourself to write more often...

  9. @Kapil..thanks, yeah i am doing my best but my relents just once in a while.. i am hoping that it re-acquaints with me soon :)


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