Monday, October 28, 2013

Filter Kaapi at Indian Coffee House

Bangalore is not what it used to be. This is a common statement you will get to hear from old timers. More often than not you will realize it is true.  The city still holds the title “Garden City” but most of those gardens have steadily disappeared taking along with them the lakes for company. In the name of commercialization it has grown by leaps and bounds but at the cost of the essence that used to once be Bangalore.
With malls, cinemas and shopping complexes now dominating the landscape; the charm of old Bangalore that lay in its tiffin rooms and coffee canteens has begun to fade. Having been in this city for over three years now this is the picture I have carried in my mind, this is how I have described the city to the newcomer who comes to make this his home. However, today changed all of that.

P and I started the weekend with a trip to Church Street, our favourite haunt for books. Reaching there quite early in the morning we were in the mood for coffee before beginning the browsing through years old paper and print. All around us we could see huge boards screaming Costas Coffee, Coffee Day and Matteo, none appealed to our tummies and we wandered on. Hardly 100 meters down a small board caught P’s eye- Indian Coffee House (run by coffee worker cooperative societies), a crowded coffee joint that seemed to have stepped out of the yesteryears onto what is known as the new age food street in the city. Excited we headed over and made ourselves comfortable at the “table and bench” seating. It had been years since we had sat on a bench to sip our coffee, the feeling was so much more surreal than the swanky sofas we find in cafes nowadays.

Our intention was to have just a coffee but the mouthwatering aroma of the classic vadai wafted all around us making us order two plates immediately. Sinking our teeth into the golden fried vadai and sipping the evergreen filter coffee, it was the perfect start to the day. The traditional setting and the grey haired waiter dressed all prim and proper in well ironed white uniforms, white turbans (yes!) and white canvas shoes made the picture complete. The meal cost us just Rs 62 but the experience was no doubt priceless.

To think we could experience the old Bangalore charm out of the blue made us smile ear to ear as we stepped out. We couldn't have asked for a better start to our weekend.

Indian Coffee House also serves continental breakfast/snacks, their Omelet and Cutlets are supposed to be particularly delightful.

19, Ground Floor, Near Ruby Tuessday, Church Street, Off Brigade Road, Bangalore
Tel No: (080) 25587088

Meal for two: Ranges between Rs 50-200

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  1. I love KAAPI! :):)
    Hey Seeta,
    I have nominated you for a Liebster on my blog! Do check my post. It's fun. Do try it. Here is the link

  2. Really nice, Seeta!
    Wanna try it out! Price is reasonable too!
    There's a Coffee House in Kolkata too!

  3. @ Hey Wait... there thats another ardent fan! :)

    @ Anita- you should, these are the places that memories are made of :)

  4. I love filter coffee. However, I have never been to Banglore. When I visit the city, I will definitely try this place now, thanks to you :)

  5. This place look..Been in Bangalore for past 6 years I have never been to this place..Looks like now I need to head to this Place.. :)
    Thanks for sharing this..:D

  6. Such a nice place :) I used to try the similar place in Kerala. I'm not sure it's the same brand or something, but I love it. Mmmm the smell of coffee must be fantastic :)

  7. @allresourcesupdates- you should find an Indian Coffee House nearby, it is supposed to be a chain across India

    @Tes- Is is the same as the one in Kerala :)

  8. There's no taste like the full-full desi taste.

  9. My fav haunt too - and I am one of the OLD Bangaloreans who left behind a lovely laid-back city when I went off to Delhi to work and returned to find this monstrosity :) in its place with only a few remnants of its old charm - like the ICH

  10. @Purba- couldn't agree more, call it comfort food if you will :)

    @Suresh- glad to know that! and yes it is rather sad to helplessly watch the city deteriorate, well at least we still have places like IHC around, all is not lost i say :)

  11. Ah! yes i remember the Time I used to envy going to Indian Coffee House, they were once like McDonald's and KFC are to me now and infinitely healthier than the newer alternatives. the rose milk they offer is still my favorite and the finest i have had ever.

    Pages off Life

  12. I too loved the filter coffee of ICH. Miss it in Delhi.

  13. @Rupertt- yep, much better than the McDs and KFCs that have mushroomed in every nook and corner.

    @Tomichan-Drat! Now that i have had it i know how terrible that must be :}

  14. Oh whenever I go to Indian Coffee house, I make sure I order their veg cutlet. They make the best cutletsssssssss!!!

  15. @Red Handed- Aah! I wish i had known when I went there, will surely have them the next time :)


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