Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Twilight Moon Saga

The day eventually dawns, sunny and bright. The women gather in their finery religiously keeping their taste buds at bay. Chit chat and gossip help them while away their time as they await Mr. Moon’s arrival. Little do they know how eagerly he waits for their longing attention.

Mr. Moon was happy. The day he became the center of everyone’s attention has arrived. He saddles around, preening himself, counting every minute for the time to rise. What if it is a cloudy night he wonders… hell will break loose on Earth for sure; creating a pandemonium among the women. Hunger pangs can drive them crazy he had heard. Unsure of Mr. Cloud’s plan but very clear about the fear he felt, he quickly fixes an appointment with Mr. Cloud, flattering him till he promises to keep his herd floating away.

Finally the sun melts down and the tide sets in making the women folk burst into celebration. The puja thalis are brought out and the lamps lit with a keen hungry eye kept on Mr. Moon’s whereabouts.

He dares them as he peeks out from behind the trees inviting the ladies to play hide and seek. Wondering how much he can toe the line he hides behind the branches making them run, jingle their bangles and fill the air with musical laughter as they desperately try to get a glimpse of him. He keeps them waiting, trying their endurance as their husbands impatiently drum around.

At last he takes pity and makes a grand appearance gleaming white and perfectly round. Proudly he enjoys his moment of glory, watching thousands of sieves being flashed around. They take a sip of the water offered and send him a prayer as they always do… Happy and elated he grants them their wish like he always does on this day.

Longingly he watches as they disappear into their homes, the aromas of the food being the next item on the agenda… bringing his day to an end. “Oh! Go by fast” he tells Mr. Time, “I can’t wait for next year’s festival to begin”.


  1. There is no mention of desire of hunger. But it is written poetic with lot of images only in your head. It is amusement.

  2. @Pankaj- yes that was the intent :)

    @Rajesh- Thank you, the thought means a lot! :)


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