Friday, November 01, 2013

Book Review: An Hour Too Soon

An Hour Too Soon?. by Christopher SantosAn Hour Too Soon?. by Christopher Santos by Christopher Santos

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted to stop at just rating this book, but then I noticed the lack of any review on goodreads or on the internet and decided it warranted at least one.

The title and the brief of this book are compelling enough to pick it up for a read. The entire story revolved around “What if?” What if a particular incident had happened an hour earlier? Life would have had a completely different definition for the Howard family- Grant, Susan and their beautiful teenage daughter Cindy.

With that breaking point, their family breaks down without anyone knowing who is at fault till much later in the book. Christopher Santos does a good job of gradually building up the plot, taking it to a point where hell breaks loose and then dealing with the mayhem that ensues. In fact he goes a step ahead and gives the reader enough food for thought to battle in their minds over the suspense he has so carefully built in. Finally he unveils the mystery and had he stopped there I would have considered giving him 3 stars. But he doesn't stop, he continues with a post trauma story that feels a bit forced and leaves you with an impression that Santos wanted to just give us more and more pages to read.

Despite a story line which deals with issues this world is facing today and that can find empathy with many readers, there are loose ends that Santos could have dealt with in a better manner. Some character nuances and behaviours that play a crucial role in the aftermath are not explained clearly. Stopping at a logical point would have given the climax the attention it was due and the book might have left the necessary impact but the melodrama he brings in post that becomes the deal breaker.

P.S – I have intentionally not delved into the plot as it would have given away the sole premise of this book.

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