Friday, November 15, 2013

"Doctor" Mr. Tendulkar

The Gold Coin used for the toss at the 200th Test
Source: OMG Sachin Facebook  Page
Achoo Achoo Achoo
Went my nose for the last two nights
How much ever I prayed
Things did not look too bright

The nose had reddened
And the throat had betrayed
The head went heavy
And the temperature astray

Hot & Sour and Sweet Corn
Piping hot soups were in galore
I gargled through the night
Fighting the virus with a furore

Why take the trouble one would say
Cold and Fever are the order of the day
Aye Aye my head would usually nod
Had today not been November 15th
The day of the cricketing God

So out came the tissues
With Cough Syrup and Tabs
As I popped them all in
To watch the Little Master bat

For Colds come and Fevers go
And falling sick is a regularity
But watching the Maestro one last time
Will be my memory for Posterity


  1. Indeed! And the country coming to a standstill is a testament to his presence :)

  2. @wooster - cough cough.. How true!

  3. Indeed,Watching him Bat for the Last Time is matter of Pride...
    For an Era Ends with him.. :(

  4. @Harsha - :( yup, i so hope there is a second inning! I promise to get better by then too :D

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! :) I guess the sore throat and fever scared me so much that I would miss his innings.. it brought out this poem from my already woozy head :)

  6. For those who have no interest in cricket, it was time to do the Ostrich. I'm sure the God of Cricket is destined for even greater achievements.

    1. He He He! An for those who have grown up watching him time stood still :)

  7. Great writing! This a lovely tribute to Sachin :)

    1. Thanks Uma! Being under the weather, this was the best I could do!


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