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A self confessed writer trapped in the body of an IT consultant for years together…this is the space where I have finally revived my rendezvous with my dearest companion.. The space for my musings and thoughts that flow out of my pen.

Your scribbles and any feedback on my posts will help grow this blog and sustain it over time. Alternatively you can also reach me at 


  1. Hi Ms. Seetha,

    I came across your blog, through indiblogger..

    You have the magical ability to write personal lifes topics in a interesting way.

    I want to publish your interview on

    to help students and newcomers see through your profession

  2. Nice blog and good to meet you! Wish you a wonderful New Year :)

  3. Hi Seeta! Great fiction... loved reading ur Blog.... Amazing imagination, excited and waiting to read the next episodes on 'Lady in Black'.

  4. Hi mami have been reading your blogs great work..!!!
    I have just released my first novel ..
    would you kindly read and review it..


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